MAYU Stream - a new swirling water experience.

Created by MAYU Water

Enhance your drinking water with a flowing whirlpool. Aerate and improve the taste and quality of your water. a first sip from the future of water.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

🚢✈🚂📪🌀February Update🌀📪🚂✈🚢
8 days ago – Fri, Feb 21, 2020 at 01:23:32 AM

Dear Backers,

A quick update to get you all up to speed.

We're happy to report that over the last two weeks, backers have started to receive their Swirls.  We're so happy to have people sending us photos and videos of their MAYU Swirl swirling water.  

Many of you have questions as to the operation and inner working of their Swirls and we're doing our best to answer and support! Hopefully, within the coming days, we'll post an updated FAQ on our website with answers to your most pressing questions.

Regarding the Coronavirus fears that many of you are rightfully voicing.  All swirls- including the second batch headed for the USA and Canada, have been produced and have left China before the outbreak occurred so you can all rest assured.  Our team has also left China long before the outbreak.

Our hearts and prayers go out to our brave Chinese production partners.  China has been hit hard and production has ground to a halt.  The factory that was in charge of assembly is currently shut down and most of the workers have not returned from the Chinese New Year.  They are waiting for this to blow over and we pray that it does.

Because of the global shipping slowdown- many swirls will still take time to reach backers.  Our logistics partner, floship, is helping to sort everything out. We ask you to have patience- they are on their way and we are working tirelessly to make sure everyone gets their Swirls soon. 

Please watch your inboxes for tracking numbers and/or also direct communication from our support team as we work through this.

Some backers who ordered an extra Carafe will be receiving their entire order sans the extra Carafe- we experienced some production shortages and wanted to make sure your Swirls get to you.  You will all be receiving an email soon and we'll make sure to send over the extra Carafes once they are ready. We know who you are and we know where you live. 😉

The photos in this update are from a recent photo shoot we had.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we did in shooting them.💙

We apologize for the delays and our doing our best to get all the Swirls to you. 

Thank you for supporting us 🙏 you bunch are the greatest backers anyone could wish for.

💧💙🌀The MAYU Team  🌀💙💧

⛄❄☔January Update☔❄⛄
about 1 month ago – Wed, Jan 15, 2020 at 11:46:54 PM

Dear backers,

We hope that you all enjoyed the holidays and wish you all the best that 2020 can offer.  Here's to new beginnings!

We're happy to say, that after what seemed like endless postponements, the first batch of our shipment has left China and is now at our shipping contractor company - Floship ( in Hong Kong.

 Over the coming days, the parcels will be posted and shipped to you and we will hopefully be providing your tracking numbers the moment we have them.

     In the meantime, Shay is in China overseeing the completion of the second and final batch (the USA and Canada) and we are hoping it will leave our packaging facility before the Chinese New Year. All of the photos of this update are of this second batch of production.

        Just like in the previous batch- each swirl undergoes the testing process where it is filled with water, swirls, then air-dried, and sent to you.   

     We know this has taken a long  time- for some of you maybe too long - but want you to know that we are hard at work making sure every one of you gets their swirl.
    If there are any US and Canadian backers who have not yet updated their addresses this is the final call to do so.
    Again, thank you all for your patience.  
    We love you and wish you all a wonderful 2020.
    The MAYU team

🛫💧💙🌀December - Production - Update🌀💙💧🛬
2 months ago – Mon, Dec 16, 2019 at 12:40:15 AM

A personal story from me, Shay, from our factory in China with photos and videos straight from the production line.

Both Zeev and I have been back and forth in China the past few weeks overseeing production and ensuring that every Mayu Swirl meets our quality standards. 

We started this project in order to be able to provide good, clean water to our children and from there it just continued to grow. More and more kids from the neighborhood (and parents as well) wanted the water we were preparing. And they wanted to be able to create this magical water - water that moves! - in their own homes. 

And now this journey of four years is coming to fruition with our first product coming to life. Every Mayu Swirl was handcrafted and will be sent directly from our hands to yours. It’s so beautiful to see all the different natural elements working together - from ceramic porcelain to glass - and important to remember that each Swirl may have small variations since they were made individually by hand. The process of manufacturing was far more complex than we ever could have imagined, which is why we are in the midst of our 3rd consecutive week in China.

We are so grateful to the entire team here in China, everyone involved with the production of the MAYU Swirl. It is an honor to work with such a dedicated group of amazing people. 

Please know that we have carefully checked each Swirl with our own hands to ensure that it is balanced and quiet and ready for you to bring into your home.

One by one, 4500 carafes filled with swirling water, dried carefully, and then packed, ready to send to you next week. Today we started packing the first products and tears came to my eyes. Tears of happiness and excitement.

We’ve waited for this moment for so long.

We especially want to send thanks to our wonderful children and spouses who have been such amazing supporters of us and all that we’re doing and who are enabling us to bring you and the world better water.

Thank you.
    The Mayu Team

3 months ago – Wed, Nov 27, 2019 at 12:13:17 AM

Hello, all you wonderful backers.

We have been swirling around the production of the MAYU Swirl (previously Stream) for months - this has been and continues to be an eventful journey.  We are grateful and fortunate to have you with us for this ride.

Three weeks ago, we produced the first pre-production run of 100 MAYU Swirls, and, are delighted to say that they are finally up to snuff - actually, we are very happy with them!

Seeing them all, swirling in one place is quite a spectacle to behold.

We have also done drop testing of our products to ensure the sensitive Swirls will not shatter on their way to you.

Drop tests 😬😬 The Swirl force is strong with Shay

 Currently, we are working on finishing certification for them so they are ready to swirl over to all of you.

We've just finished the European CE certification process, while the US, ETL process is taking longer to approve.


For all of you wanting to know when their products will arrive and if they are with the first or second batch:

The first production batch will finish by the beginning of December and will promptly be dispatched worldwide.  It will reach most of our backers around the world excluding the United States.  We hope you will receive it before the holidays. Because of the longer ETL certification process, the second production round will commence production right after the first one and will immediately be sent to backers. We are sorry about missing the holidays for most of our US backers.  We know it's a big deal. 

Meanwhile, we are constantly updating our backer registry - all backers with new addresses - please write to us as soon as possible at so that the Swirls will arrive at your correct address.  We're finalizing the orders and locking them down for shipping December 5th so no address changes will be possible after that date.

We love you and thank you for your continued support.  

We are here thanks to you. 🙏

Much love,



🌏💧🌀October Update🌀💧🌏
5 months ago – Sun, Oct 13, 2019 at 03:03:15 AM

Hello dear backers,

I would like to take advantage of our monthly updates to share a shift in perspective I have experienced during our journey from prototype to mass-production- A chance to re-think the image of "Made in China."

MAYU Swirl is produced in 3 different factories in very different regions of China, each with its own specialties, traditions, environment, natural resources, and people, creating this product for you.

In this update, we wanted to share a bit of the story behind the production in gratitude and appreciation to these people.

The glass Carafe is made in Shandong in an area dedicated to glass manufacturing, where glass is being turned in any kind of shape imaginable for domestic uses as well as for the biggest global brands.

MAYU Carafe was a challenge to produce, as it has a unique glass hinge mount on the bottom of it.

It is all hand made with great attention to detail.

The MAYU porcelain Base is created by masterful hands working on-site within the Porcelain region of China - Jingdezhen.

The porcelain is collected straight from the surrounding mountains, milled by water and then crafted, by know-how based on over 1,200 years of tradition(!)

Jingdezhen ceramics have been known to be described as: "white as jade, clear as a mirror, thin as paper and a sound like a chime".

Artists from around the world come to study from the local masters here, and the highest quality porcelain products are being exported from here to all over the world. Our major challenge was to incorporate the engine and electronics into the porcelain. Precision was key for the quality we are aiming for, and they definitely succeeded.

Finally, the third factory in Guangdong, a manufacturing hub and one of the biggest export regions in China, producing the electronic, plastic components and where the final assembly of all the pieces come together to one whole swirling product packed and ready to be shipped around the globe.

After traversing this vast country, meeting the faces and hands that carefully create our product, I can fully say I feel proud and confident with the final result, expertise that is backed by years of tradition and a rich heritage meet innovation and a global community of people working together to build a better world.

We are truly living in an exciting era!

We are on schedule with the shipment of the first container and some of you will get your MAYU Stream by the end of November/beginning of December and some by January.  Again, we are sorry for the delay.

All we can say is- Thank you!

Our vision stretches far into the future,

but these first steps are made possible only with your support.

💧🌀Swirling love💧🌀