MAYU Stream - a new swirling water experience.

Created by MAYU Water

Enhance your drinking water with a flowing whirlpool. Aerate and improve the taste and quality of your water. a first sip from the future of water.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

🔥🌞⛱ Scorching August update ⛱🌞🔥
4 days ago – Tue, Aug 13, 2019 at 03:02:58 AM

Happy August wonderful backers!

The full power of summer is here, reminding us that 60% of Israel is a dry, scorching desert, but for us, being near the sea, it's so hot and humid around our studio.  This helps us feel that our mission- to provide the best, most thirst-quenching water in the world- is ever more pressing.

MAYU TO-GO earth color
MAYU TO-GO earth color

We're happy to report we're moving forward- full steam ahead!  Working passionately on mass production.  Our team just returned from another productive trip to China, meeting with our manufacturers (and with a suitcase of accessories that just came out from the mold, here is the first peek) 

Here in Israel, we're all hard at work making sure all backers receive their pledges. 

This would be a great opportunity to remind all of the 368 backers that have not filled in their surveys..... now would be a good time to do so.  As we're finalizing the shipping lists, we need your address and contact details to make sure you receive your MAYU.  We'll keep on sending reminder emails but will be locking down the numbers soon so please fill in your surveys. 🌀💙💧 

If you have any questions, you're welcome to forward them to Rachel or one of our other wonderful and caring customer support specialists at

Again, we deeply appreciate your support.  We're growing and its thanks to all of you, wonderful backers. Every one of you.   We feel you in the thoughtful emails, messages, and comments.  We love you!

Till next month

Remember to drink well

The MAYU Team 🌀💙💧

💧🌀💙 July Update 💙🌀💧
about 1 month ago – Fri, Jul 12, 2019 at 02:03:31 AM

Hello to all you incredible backers,

The big question on everyone's mind is: when will the MAYU package be at my doorstep? Swirling in my kitchen? 🌀

We’re happy to let you know we’ve made good progress and we have detailed timetables regarding production. 

Though we thoroughly researched and prepared, we are amazed at the length of this process and at the challenges that ensue when you take a hardware prototype and carry it to mass production.  

We were on schedule to start producing now (July) but because of a few reliability issues with the Streams, we have to move our deadline to something more realistic.

The first time at anything requires a lot of learning.  

Also, we cannot compromise on quality and, as we dive into the smallest of details to ensure we are providing you with the best end-product that we possibly can, we are sometimes faced with challenging decisions.

Thank you for walking this path with us, providing us your trust and patience

We deeply appreciate it. It gives up the power and faith to keep on keepin' on!  🌀💙💧 

Here is a glimpse of our latest model hot from the production line - last round of adjustments and we will be producing our very first 6,000 units!

MAYU Swirl -  from the production line
MAYU Swirl - from the production line

The quality of the porcelain base actually exceeds our expectations.😊

MAYU Swirl Genesis Edition packaging
MAYU Swirl Genesis Edition packaging

The updated timetables are as follows:

September -   First production batch will be ready.

Sending out units to our Backers

By October -  Most of you will be drinking Swirling water with the rest receiving your units soon after.


We truly thank you for your patience and apologize for missing summer for all you northern hemisphere backers.  

Till next month

Be bold and adventurous,

The Mayu Team 🌀💙💧

🌞💧🌞MAYU June Update 🌞💧🌞
2 months ago – Wed, Jun 12, 2019 at 01:40:37 AM

Dear Amazing Backers!

Summer is officially here @MAYU Offices!  It's hot and humid and we're drinking lots and lots of delicious MAYU Water.  

Happy to update that almost everything is churning along, and whatever is not, is getting special attention from our amazing team!  We're learning every day how to manifest our thoughts and dreams and turn them into a complex, engineered, mass-produced product, making sure materials are excellent, and robustness is at the very top of our mind. 

We're getting ready for another production visit to China and for the first mass-produced MAYU Streams to reach us in July!  Exciting times!

We thought this would be a good opportunity to share a small sip of our future vision and road ahead for MAYU.

As you know, we're busy making sure all streams are produced and sent over to all of you but our road is only starting.  On our mission to rid the world of plastic bottles and unhealthy and unsavory tap water, we're diving deep into the chemistry and physics of water to re-engineer drinking water as we know it.  

Looking to nature, and keeping with the "Water in motion" theme we began with your MAYU Streams, we're now incorporating our two other #waterevolution methodologies: purification and remineralization.

We've been creating beautiful machines that produce, amazing and yummy water incorporating all three steps.  Right now the machines are big, formidable beasts, but soon, we'll be shrinking them up and placing them in your kitchens and offices.  If you've been following our Facebook or Instagram pages, you've probably caught a glimpse of some of them.  Last week, we took part in yet another futurist convention and were asked to present our water.  As always, people loved the machines and also the taste of our water which tastes like...well... water.  Real Water!

We're in the middle of a fundraising step to allow us to reach these new and ambitious goals.  We'll not stop till everyone has access to real, yummy drinking water from tap!

As always, we love you and thank you and looking forward to having a little piece of us swirling with you all very soon.

Drink well  

MAYU 💧💙🌀

🌻May Update!🌻
3 months ago – Wed, May 15, 2019 at 08:56:27 PM

Hello dear backers,

For our May update, we begin with a big thanks to you all for the heart-warming positive feedback. This, more than anything is what fuels us to make our (your) product the best it can be!

So - What’s new?

Our production team is advancing at full force, we just returned from another follow-up visit to our Chinese manufacturers and suppliers. It’s a great privilege to work with such dedicated manufacturers! 

The last loose ends are falling into place as the construction line is being finalized. 

As for regulation - This month our products are going through trials to adhere to international market standards and regulations.  Fingers crossed 🤞. 

Current production schedules are as we posted in the April update (July)  and we are doing everything we can to start shipping throughout July.

Looking forward to meeting you all real soon in your home through the swirling water that will just keep a smile on your face and sweet, satiating water for your body.

The MAYU family


April update
4 months ago – Mon, Apr 08, 2019 at 12:15:54 AM

Hi dear backers,

Walking the production path, talking with manufacturers, getting samples - every step brings with it a deeper dive into the finer details and reveals new challenges. We turn obstacles into advantages. We're aiming high, working day and night for you, for the water that will become you, to create the best container to hold them just before you drink them.

We've learned a lot from your questions, comments, and suggestions. Many of your ideas have been incorporated into our design thinking and manufacturing process. 

Now applying our understanding from the first samples into a better product with a big boost of efficiency:

  • The spinning swirler, originally made of pure silicon will now be made of POM a highly durable, extremely smooth and resistant to glass abrasions approved by NSF61 standard for drinking water materials. Silicon, although inorganic and considered safe, does not have enough literature when dealing with prolonged water contact, therefore we have decided to replace it with something certified for use in drinking water with no risk. We hear ya!
  • The base engine has been modified from a 4-coil  electromagnet to an efficient high-quality motor (X10 reduction in electricity consumption).
  • The change to the motor allows us to offer the charger as a universal USB cable whilst reducing the size of the battery

These iterations require us to make adjustments to the manufacturing process which unfortunately mean a delay in shipment, our new expected shipping date is the end of July. We know you are all eager to receive your MAYU stream and we are also awaiting the official launch of the final product out in the world. This delay could be disappointing but please rest assured that we all will be rewarded by a better, more mature product. 

Regarding the Backerkit survey - there are still backers that have yet to choose their base color and give their shipping address. Without this information, we will not know where to ship your MAYU to ... so please fill the survey sent to you, or if you did not receive one, please email us at

It is exciting to see this vision come to life, 

the multitude of reactions we're getting, and the finer details clicking into place.

Thank you! 

We deeply appreciate your support and value your patience.